Development of an efficient high power electric power generation system for wheeled ground platforms

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Ministerio de economía y competitividad

File number: RTC-2015-3538-8
Program: National / Collaboration Challenges


  • SAPA Placencia.

  • Ceit

  • Tecnalia.

  • Universidad de Oviedo.


In the heavy tonnage wheeled sector (special off-road vehicles), the main energy consumptions are: Compressor, fan, Starter, heating, fuel pumps, energy export, coolant pumps, steering assisted, ABS brakes, wipers, C4I systems, sensors, vehicle lights, etc. This supposes a high consumption of energy in the vehicle, reaching double with the peak values ​​of these systems. The evolution and development of these systems reflect the evolution of the on-board electrical power needs of the vehicles.

The technological trend for the increase in available electrical energy, involves the incorporation of heavy batteries, which supply high voltage in direct current, using conventional converters.

With the aim of providing a solution to this growing need for high-power energy availability in large-tonnage all-terrain vehicles, this project is set up, which involves the development of a high-power electric power generation system capable of converting the vehicle in a large generator set, capable of exporting a large amount of energy in high and low voltage, eliminating the logistics problems of generating sets to remote sites and which, simultaneously, can be used as a complement to the propulsion system, in this case, as a starter.

The new system will integrate technologically innovative elements, which will allow the development of a solution with high efficiency, reliability and small size, capable of supplying large amounts of energy in extreme operating conditions.

Ceit's role in the project

The Ceit technology center, and more specifically the Industrial Electronics and Power Systems group of the Department of Electronics and Communications, has made available to the project its vast experience in the design and optimization of electrical machines for application in on-board vehicles. Ceit has led together with SAPA the work package related to the design and optimization of an electrical machine for its application as an advanced starter / generator integrated into the vehicle. The development level of this electric machine is TRL7.

Within this work package, an currently existing 75kVA rated power electric machine has been optimized from an electromagnetic and thermal point of view. Said electromagnetic system must be able to work as a motor and as a generator, while maintaining reduced volume and weight characteristics at all times. The cooling has been carried out using 50-50 water-glycol with a very high inlet temperature, which will require a very demanding machine thermal calculation. To do this, it has also proceeded to develop an algorithm for calculating the machine's heat, which is easily integrated into the overall vehicle design methodology.



Miguel Martínez-Iturralde

Miguel Martínez-Iturralde

Email: mmiturralde@ceit.es