Clean Room

Ceit offers services in a clean room environment compatible with the manufacturing techniques of microsystems and microsensors. Microfabrication techniques can be implemented on flat substrates, typically silicon, alumina, quartz, or different types of glass.

Services offered:

  • General: PVD or CVD coating of flat substrates with layers of oxides and metals, ultraviolet photolithography, thermal oxidation of silicon, thermal treatment of materials in different atmospheres, analysis of the characteristics of thin films (thickness, roughness)
  • Biological Microdevice Manufacturing (bioMEMS): Complete manufacturing capability (prototyping, fabrication and characterization) of biological microdevices for Lab-On-A-Chip applications and point of care devices.
    • It also offers the possibility of designing and manufacturing molds for casting processes in SU-8, as well as in microfluidic devices of any type.
    • Finally, he is also able to manufacture microelectrodes by sputtering techniques for the development of biosensors.
  • Cutting of flat substrates: ability to cut different types of flat substrates (silicon, alumina, quartz or different types of glass), with control of the depth of the cut in a clean room environment.
  • Anodic silicon-metal and silicon-pyrex bonding: Ceit's Clean Room has equipment for bonding silicon-metal and silicon-pyrex on substrates up to 4 inches.