Management and recovery of organic waste

Bullet Description

WWTP sludge treatment

Ceit undertakes research and consulting projects for the treatment and recovery of any type of organic waste: urban sludge, organic fraction of urban solid waste, agro-industrial waste, etc. Ceit has extensive experience in the following technologies and processes:

  • Biomethane production by anaerobic digestion (wet or dry way; high concentration of solids)

  • Production of organic fertilizers from liquid organic streams (ATAD self-sustained thermophilic aerobic digestion systems) and solid waste (composting), in combination with precipitation processes for the production of struvite and the like.

  • Design of compact treatment systems (for residential areas, air and sea transport, etc.)

  • Development of simulators for aerobic and anaerobic processes, oriented toward operation design and optimization.

  • Development of advanced control systems for aerobic and anaerobic waste treatment processes.

  • Development of fermentation processes for the generation of bioproducts from different urban and industrial organic streams: production of organic acids (acetic, propionic, butyric, valeric) and other compounds with high added value (succinic).

  • Combining fermentation technologies with membrane separation and concentration systems: ultrafiltration, direct osmosis.

  • Integral simulators in the biorefinery: development of mathematical models that cover all the waste management and treatment processes in the field of biorefinery. These include transport systems, mass and energy balances, environmental indicators, modeling of bioprocesses.