Big Data Analysis

Bullet Data cleaning, reconciliation, analysis and visualization

The Big Data Analysis group covers the process of extracting valuable information from heterogeneous raw data. The expected benefits are broad, from efficiency or saving costs to better knowledge of systems, processes or problems in order to make decisions that have a greater impact on business.

Bullet Ad-hoc solutions

Ceit provides ad-hoc development of data analysis solutions. These projects might be standalone data analysis solutions (data reconciliation, spatiotemporal synchronization, anomaly detection, failure prediction, etc.), or integrated within bigger projects as part of a global solution (decision support systems, optimization applications, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, etc.). Tailored solutions are offered thanks to the multidisciplinary group’s complementary technical knowledge.

Bullet Knowledge and expertise

Ceit offers expertise and experience in the railway domain (signaling, railway dynamics, positioning, energy, etc.) and in the technologies and frameworks related to data analysis (preprocessing, curation, integration, databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization, etc.). Moreover, Ceit has broad experience in collaborating on multidisciplinary projects.