Digital solutions in the water sector

Soluciones digitales en el sector del agua

Ceit has extensive experience in developing digital solutions for water sector systems whose automatic control or data management can lead to operation optimization.

Our ad hoc solutions optimize system operation in terms of production, operating costs and energy, while also minimizing environmental impact. These solutions are based on the knowledge that Ceit has gained from its 30 years working on water, wastewater and sludge treatment system design and operation.

Bullet Knowledge and experience

  • Diagnosis of the automatic control capabilities of urban and industrial water treatment plants.

  • Development and implementation of automatic controllers for urban and industrial water treatment plants, working with the operator to define the functional specifications of the control solution and subsequently adapting and adjusting the solution via simulation and follow-up and maintenance after installation.

  • Design of advanced data managers to optimize the operation of systems in terms of efficiency, sustainability, production, and savings in operating and energy costs, through a model of excellence in the management of all data.

  • Development of interactive intelligent collaboration systems for water management that take into account the associated risks and the efficiency of resources and report the best operating strategy through real-time monitoring and simulation.

  • Advanced consulting in applying knowledge mining and data mining techniques to help discover and identify patterns in data. The latest machine learning and visual analytical technologies are used.