Biosensors for the food industry


Since the early 90s, Ceit has been working in the field of micro and nanotechnologies. With the recent rise of biomedical engineering, we have applied our knowledge to the development of devices for monitoring biological events through direct application in the health and food sectors.

Dozens of technological solutions have been developed based on concepts such as bioMEMS, lab-on-a-chip systems (LOC), or micro total analysis systems (µTAS). These developments have allowed us to develop the latest technology for detecting immunological, genomic, and enzymatic reactions, among others.

This technology offers significant advantages such as miniaturization, rapid response, easy integration, and ease of portability and scalability to industry. It is especially interesting when applied in industrial settings, commercial devices, healthcare settings, food industries, etc. The healthcare market in particular requires more autonomous and reliable methods for analysis systems (point of care).

Combining these developments with the development of microfluidic platforms, in which small sample volumes can be managed, has allowed Ceit to create a line of research in the field of personalized medicine and drug testing.

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