Spin offs

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Spin offs are hallmarks of Ceit-IK4’s research and proven know-how in technological knowledge and scientific excellence. There could be no development for our clients without this broad base of existing knowledge, which constitutes our intellectual property assets.

In its strong momentum for the generation and commercialisation of Intellectual Property, Ceit-IK4 promotes entrepreneurship.

There are three pillars for the creation of new businesses:

- Bright young people doing a PhD, working on applied research projects under the direction of senior investigators, and in contact with companies.

- Help companies already established to act as role models, and lend its cooperation to the new entrepreneurs.

- The search for excellence on every project across multiple publications and / or conferences.

In this context, scientific guidance acts as a catalyst. Doctoral dissertations are the channel for involving young researchers and scientific publications are a guarantee that the research topics are novel. Preconditions for a new technology-based company give it a competitive advantage.

Over the course of Ceit-IK4, and as a result of research conducted at the facility, it has developed a number of diverse business activities. Since 1996 Ceit-IK4 has promoted 12 companies which have generated over 300 jobs, most of them highly skilled.

spin off

 spin off

Collaboration with

In 2003 the collaboration between Ceit-IK4 and Kutxa Social Work began via the creation of new enterprises. Since then, economic support has facilitated the creation of six new companies that, to date, have created 22 new jobs requiring highly skilled and educated individuals.

The agreement signed with Kutxa has been vital in the creation of companies and support of its researchers. Ceit-IK4 has been supported in its strategy of start-ups, which allows much faster transference of knowledge and results generated in research projects.