Advanced consulting in water and waste treatment

Bullet Optimizing the design, operation and control of processes and treatment technologies

Consultoría avanzada en el tratamiento de aguas y residuos

Given the increasing complexity of constructing and operating modern water and waste treatment plants (WWTP), there is an increasing need for new tools and techniques that allow different solution analyses to be compared quickly and reliably in order to optimize WWTP design, remodelling or exploitation and minimize costs and guarantee the required performance.

Bullet In-house methodology based on combining experimental analysis and simulation tools

The Water and Waste Group has developed its own methodology for optimizing the design, operation and automatic control of water and waste treatment facilities, combining experimental analysis (on a laboratory scale, pilot plant and actual plant) with mathematical models and numerical simulation tools.

The group has advanced data management tools, automatic control loops, its own mathematical models (Plant Wide Model libraries - PWM®), and a rigorous procedure for calibration and experimental validation, as well as the knowledge needed to build new models or custom drivers when needed. All this allows us to explore the behavior of different technologies in all kinds of scenarios in order to quickly and rigorously select the best solutions.

Bullet Knowledge and expertise

The Water and Waste Group has more than 30 years of experience in the mathematical modelling and simulation of biological and physical-chemical processes, as well as in the design and operation of pilot plants on a laboratory and industrial scale.

During these three decades, the group has carried out dozens of simulation projects and studies to optimize the design, remodelling and operation of urban and industrial WWTPs, in close collaboration with a long list of companies and public entities.

The quality of our work is corroborated by several dozen citations in national and international publications.