Smart maintenance


Bullet Condition-based maintenance of vehicle and infrastructure

Maintenance-related costs account for a very significant amount of the life cycle cost for railway systems. The optimization of maintenance activities (planning, costs, safety, availability) requires reliable software tools that support decision making based on reliable predictions about asset degradation.

Bullet Ad-hoc solutions

Life cycle cost calculation, optimization algorithms (costs, operations planning, etc.), risk and safety analyses, software tools to support decision-making, formalization of maintenance procedures, predictive analysis of the condition of assets with both data-driven and physical-modeling-driven approaches. We also offer consultancy services.

  • Maintenance and operations strategy:

    • Formalization of maintenance procedures.

    • Analysis of the impact of the maintenance strategy on operating costs, amortization of the infrastructure, the risk of potential hazards, service availability and network capacity.

  • Forensic analysis of the causes of component failure, e.g. weld and rail cracks (RCF), track geometry, etc.

  • Impact of new vehicles and/or operations on infrastructure damage and aging (e.g. corrugation, excessive wear, etc.).

  • Reconciliation and analysis of auscultation data.

Bullet Knowledge and expertise

  • Vehicle and infrastructure health assessment

    • Condition-based maintenance.

    • Predictive maintenance through physical modeling.

    • Prescriptive maintenance using formal procedures.

  • On-board electronics

    • Wireless sensor networks.

    • Signal processing and algorithms.

    • Real-time high-accuracy positioning.

    • Communications.

    • Energy supply.

  • Back-office

    • Data analysis and visualization.

    • Complex data handling and simulation.

    • Interfaces with other IT systems.

    • User interfaces (web, tablet).