R & D Projects

Working on Railway Dynamics Project

Ceit-IK4 pursues scientific excellence by training young doctors and publishing articles in prestigious international magazines. Through research conducted by these young dynamic researchers, Ceit-IK4 can offer companies intellectual property potential which leads to a more competitive position in the market place for the client company.

This makes Ceit-IK4 an attractive and profitable research partner.

In most industrial sectors the life of any product is being shortened by the increase in technical progress and global competitiveness. Due to this industry need Ceit-IK4´s ability to constantly be innovative has become key to its success.

Ceit-IK4 is a driving force in the Industrial Sector. Thanks to the outstanding work in R & D, Ceit-IK4 increases the competitive power of its clients in the industrial sector.

Ceit-IK4 is also a bridge link between science and industry. This double roll ensures the highest of standards in all research and development activities.

Our research projects in Ceit-IK4 include the following characteristics:

- Project oriented to Industrial Applications.
- Projects run over a number of years.
- Research led by Doctors.
- Attainment of Doctoral Thesis.
- Non confidential results published in magazines and at scientific congresses.

Working on Materials Project

We offer innovative solutions in practically all technological fields. We develop new products and processes and improve existing systems.

Another very distinctive feature in the research activities at Ceit-IK4 is the multidisciplinary approach. This is a key element when taking onboard the more complex challenges todays industry sectors pose.

The flexibility and good working relationshipos between different research groups in Ceit-IK4 presents the perfect field to find solutions in many interdisciplinary areas such as: Information Technologies and Communication, Electronics, materials and components, Production, Life Sciences and Microelectronics.

The projects that Ceit-IK4 research and develops come from different sector industries, from small size companies to multinationals in the telecommunications field or transport and from any geographical location.

Consulting work in obtaining Public Funding


The Commercial Department in Ceit-IK4 offer its clients a personal consultancy service and support to obtain public (loans, funding) help and support that will be used to co-finance research projects, fiscal benefits that R & D projects provide, etc…

Torres Quevedo Subprogram (MICINN-PTQ)

Several researchers at Ceit-IK4 benefit from the Torres Quevedo Subprogram grant, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The programme's aim is to help bring doctors and technologists into companies in order to conduct research, work on technological development and carry out technical feasibility studies.

The grant subsidises part of the costs associated with hiring staff, including gross salary and employer contributions to social security. The amount of the subsidy depends on the project the researcher is to participate in and can cover up to 70% of the associated annual costs, for a maximum of three years.


The main source of funding aimed at supporting research projects in cooperation with other international entities has been the EU Framework Programme, and projects funded by this programme are managed by Ceit-IK4's European Projects Office (Oficina de Proyectos Europeos or OPE).

The OPE at Ceit-IK4 has a grant from the National Finantation Subprogramme Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, ECT-2015-0188), whose aim is to promote the participation of Spanish technology centres in the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020. This funding support allows the OPE to reinforce its structure and knowledge in order to prepare and manage European projects, which will help them obtain more funding from the European Community.