R&D, Innovation and Quality Policy

Ceit's R&D and Innovation policy is specified in aspects such as those being advanced:

The Quality and R + D + i policy is appropriate for the purpose and context of the organization and to support its strategic direction.

Provide a reference framework for the establishment of quality and R + D + i objectives.

Comply with all applicable requirements.

Contribute to the efficacy and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality and R&D&I Management System defined by the Management Manual and in the Processes that develop it, each one from its position and particular responsibilities.

Adequately detect the needs of the company to maintain a constant understanding of the current market and new technologies are involved in the sector that favor a rapid responsiveness to offer innovative products and services of high quality to customers at all times.

Encourage those actions that help to direct innovation projects more successfully, favoring the use of current technologies.

Ensure customer satisfaction.

Maintain and increase efforts dedicated to innovation, making it the cornerstone of Ceit.

Promote a policy that both protects and exploits the results that we obtain through our innovation management processes.

Maintain a high level of innovation in the development and provision of its services and products, within the framework of a permanent continuous improvement system.

Seek the satisfaction of the company's people, achieving the highest overall satisfaction of company personnel, seeking their maximum commitment for the benefit of the organization, promoting a participatory environment among employees, facilitating teamwork, individual recognition and suggestions for improvement, carrying out a correct management of the resources necessary for this.

Search for cooperations and suppliers that allow us to offer innovative services to our customers in different projects.

Periodically review this policy for its continuous adaptation.

Achieve, through the different actions, the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 of social and environmental sustainability.

Celt's R&D and Innovation Management System

Ceit has ENAC R&D and Innovation Management System certification, which complies with the new version of the UNE 166002 Standard, published in 2014.  

Specifically, this certificate accredits professional management of research, development and innovation activities in the field of materials and manufacturing, transport and energy, water and health, and information and communication technologies.

All its activities are regulated with the R & D and innovation management system, such as the continuous improvement of results, the optimization of technological innovation processes, and the transfer and generation of ideas.