Distributed electrical grids. Smart grids

Máquinas eléctricas y potencia

Bullet Energy management systems

Techniques aimed at the efficient management of electrical energy have become an essential requirement in the industrial, transport and water and health sectors. All technologies developed for this purpose must guarantee efficient use of energy (minimizing losses in transmission and use), guaranteeing maximum operational readiness and low environmental impact and maintaining high standards of quality and stability. The solutions developed by Ceit seamlessly combine the efficient integration of renewable source generation systems, the implementation of distributed storage devices and the optimization of all electronic elements integrated in the new smart grids.

Bullet Ad hoc solutions

  • Development of prediction algorithms for renewable generation (solar photovoltaic and wind) and algorithms for the decentralized management of smart grids.

  • Stability analysis of electrical systems that integrate renewable generation and distributed storage.

  • Development of high performance power converters for the integration of generation and distributed storage systems.

  • Development of decentralized electrical distribution techniques through the integration of devices capable of distributing fault tolerant energy using solid state relays.

  • Development of storage systems with high power density based on the integration of super capacitors for the efficient management of network quality.

  • Generation of low voltage triphasic power systems from medium voltage AC and/or DC networks.

  • Design and development of smart transformers.

  • Design and development of energy collection systems based on energy harvesting technologies.


Bullet Knowledge and expertise

  • High-performance power electronics: high switching frequency, WBG semiconductors.

  • Medium and high frequency electromagnetic design.

  • Stability analysis of electrical networks.

  • Development of optimization algorithms using neural networks, swarm techniques, etc.