Transportation and energy


Research lines

Group of researchers aimed at offering innovative solutions in fields related to rail, air or road transport as well as in everything related to smart grids and components for energy detection.



We offer answers through:

Electric Vehicles and Distributed Electric Grids

This group focuses its activity on the development of new technologies that allow better energy use. It covers everything from sustainable transport systems to electricity grids that combine distributed electricity generation and storage. To do this, they coordinate aspects such as the development of advanced electrical machines, high power density static converters, control algorithms and storage systems.

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This group, which has more than 20 years of experience collaborating with companies in the railway sector, is a leader in the development of cutting-edge technological products and services as well as in activities that include system design, modelling, experimental characterization, development and validation up to TRL9.

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Sustainable Transportation and Mobility

It focuses on the development of systems that improve mobility by road and within cities, its strategy being aligned with the global agenda on sustainable mobility. We are also experts in cooperative systems that allow the communication of information between vehicles and their infrastructure, and we innovate in projects with transport or energy companies.

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