Mechanical characterization and structural integrity

Ceit has the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to perform mechanical characterization and analysis of the structural integrity of materials and components.

Services offered:

  • Coatings and modified surfaces: local measurement of elastic modulus and hardness through nanoindentation, interface toughness, residual stresses (X-ray diffraction, FIB), structural / chemical characterization.
  • Mechanical properties: measurement of the elastic and shear modulus, measurement of the elastic stiffness matrix by EBSD, high temperature tensile tests and high deformation speed, fatigue, instrumented creep up to 1500ºC, flexural tests up to 1200ºC, combined tests of compression and / or torsion, stress relaxation tests, coefficient of friction measurement, wear and fracture tests.
  • Failure analysis and life prediction: analysis of components in service, stress status, forensic failure analysis, prediction of component life.
  • Own test specimen machining workshop.