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40 years at the forefront of research

Ceit has built a solid reputation in the field of studies and technological research. It is a leader in the field of applied research and training of graduate students from around the world.

Over the years Ceit has gained valuable experience which when combined with its modern facilities, a multicultural group of people in Ceit and prominent location in the city of San Sebastian – it becomes one of the most attractive places for work and training.

Ceit´s areas of expertise are in the fields of research and development. It carries out innovative projects using cutting edge technology to ensure continuous development of its products and or services.

Ceit is driven by a combination of the dedicated efforts of highly qualified researchers and PhD students who develop their projects at our facilities and our continuing desire to innovate and solve new increasingly complex challenges.

Colocando una antena en el tejado de Miramon

To develop your project or thesis or to forge a career as a researcher, Ceit provides a highly professional and competent modern facility, equipped with state of the art machinery that will help you develop your skills and cement your career path for the future.

With over 250 highly trained professionals and 4 specialised departments to meet any challenge, Ceit puts the perfect working environment at your fingertips to ensure your talents are maximised and fostered.

Ceit is the place for innovative people, committed and energised to be part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary and multicultural team working at the forefront of research in Euskadi.

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