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Code of Ethics

Ceit recognises and assumes that the use of knowledge will at all times be governed by ethical criteria in accordance with the dignity of the human being, as set out in the following Code of Ethics approved by the Centre:

Ceit's highest objective is to serve society through research and the training of young researchers. To guide the professional actions of all its members, as well as the use of the knowledge generated, the following general principles are established:

  • Honesty is a fundamental principle of all behaviour.
  • Responsibility in decision-making, particularly those affecting safety, health and public welfare, as well as the rejection of all forms of negligence in research.
  • Strict compliance with the law.
  • Efficient use of public and private resources.
  • Respect for the environment and the inalienable rights of human beings from conception.
  • The identification of conflicts of interest arising from the work, informing the parties involved when they exist.
  • Respect for intellectual property in any form.
  • Loyal professional collaboration with other colleagues and with other institutions.