Ceit-IK4's mission is to help companies become more competitive through applied research projects that result in advanced solutions that are based on scientific and technological excellence.
Furthermore, we are committed to training young researchers who will be prepared to the lead the changes that are necessary to take companies to the highest levels of international competitiveness.
Ceit-IK4's management thus pledges to support actions that will lead to a greater investment in activities related to innovation.

To that end, we have implemented an Innovation Management System that meets the UNE 166002 standard, with the aim of identifying, managing and maintaining innovation activities while also tracking all available technological resources in a more efficient way. This allows us to improve our ability to adapt and to anticipate opportunities within the context of an ever-changing market.


Ceit-IK4 aspires to be a technology center that serves as a global benchmark and whose research groups are widely recognized for their scientific excellence and their ability to provide added value to industry, which entails:

  • Targeting the areas of technology that have a sufficient critical mass and potential for scientific and market excellence.
  • Being more market oriented, offering a more integrated and multidisciplinary value proposition and a solution-driven approach.
  • Having the capacity to develop in-house products and technologies that generate recurring revenue.
  • Increasing the average project size.
  • Being a unified organization that has a balanced structure and a capable, tightly-knit and enthusiastic staff.
  • Having an organizational structure that is able to attract talent to the pyramid's base.
  • Garnering economic sustainability through a 50%-50% financing model and a level of profitability that allows us to take on new projects.


Ceit-IK4's values, which form the basis of Ceit-IK4's Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, are as follows:

  • Client-oriented approach and commitment to client needs: we make every effort to understand the diversity of clients and sectors and commit ourselves to their needs.
  • Teamwork and professional and personal development: we promote a culture of collaboration and teamwork, which enables us to attain shared goals and objectives while also fostering continuing professional and personal development.
  • Trust and commitment: we trust that people will act with honesty, transparency, responsibility, and commitment and align themselves with our Mission and our approach.
  • Excellence and professionalism: we aim to excel in the tasks we perform and engage fully in finding solutions to problems.
  • Vocation for service and providing added value to society: we contribute to the overall well-being of society through the development of products and services that add value and strengthen a company’s competitiveness. Ceit-IK4 shares the values and principles of the University of Navarra, which are based on Christian humanism.
  • Foresight and initiative: our dynamism and creativity allow us to identify opportunities and foresee client needs.

Electronics & Communications Researchers

Ceit-IK4 shares the Christian values, Principles and Ethics that inspired the foundation of the University of Navarra.

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