The Ceit-IK4 Technology Center follows the goals of Spain’s federal Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance Act. The act extends and strengthens transparency in public activity, regulates and guarantees the right of access to information about public activity, and establishes good governance obligations that that must be fulfilled by public officials as well as by private entities that receive for the period of one year public aid or grants fulfil for amounts over 100.000 euros or in the case that at least 40% of total annual income comes from public aid or grants. (Art. 3 b)

This commitment includes publication of an up-to-date organisational chart that identifies the persons responsible for the various areas and includes a profile and professional history for each. (Art. 6.2)

The Act also stipulates that private entities must publish information regarding any grants they receive from any Public Administration. (Art. 8.2)