Additive manufacturing for maintenance of railway infraestructure assests


Número de expediente: RTC2019-007438-4 

Programa: Retos Colaboración 2019



The project -developed by Ceit, FGC and Tria ingeniería- seeks to implement an in-situ repair system for metallic components of the railway infrastructure through additive manufacturing. The project will significantly reduce current maintenance methods as well as environmental impact to contribute to the sustainability of rail transport.


  • Development of a repair process of railway components based in LMD technology.

  • Development of the subsystems needed for a complete repair process. The following subsystems will be developed:

    • Rail measurement subsystem.

    • Pre and post-process subsystem

    • LMD subsystem.

  • Repair validation in the lab and a real environment.

  • Study of the life cycle of the repaired components.