New materials and processes for automotive applications

Nuevos Materiales

One of Ceit's major activities is optimizing manufacturing processes in order to improve steels and superalloys for energy applications:

  • Microstructural control for improved material performance under harsh service conditions: high temperature applications, deep sour gas wells, etc.

  • Microstructure–mechanical property relationships.

  • Degradation and failure mechanisms: aging, oxidation, creep, corrosion, etc. Cyclic conditions and the overlapping of mechanisms: thermomechanical fatigue, creep-fatigue. Temperature gradients and thermal shock, wear, radiation. Mechanical properties.

  • Surface treatments (i.e. shot peening). Investigation of surface reactions and mechanisms at high temperature.

  • Modeling.

  • Bimetallic bonding and production of components through thermomechanical processes, hot-pressing, hot isostatic pressing and high vacuum furnaces.

  • Hot isostatic pressing for powder consolidation: atomization, can design and manufacture, final machining. Alternative to forging plus machining.