New bronze alloys for its use by Additive Manufacturing in the Shipbuilding sector

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Retos Colaboración 2019



The Project aims to develop a new bronze alloy specifically designed to obtain high-performance components for shipbuilding application using powder-based additive manufacturing technologies. This new concept is expected to reduce the costs associated to powder production and, hence, also those of the final component. Binder Jetting will be the additive manufacturing technology applied in this project to produce large components, in opposition to the laser (o electron) beams based technologies that selectively melt the powder.


  • Develop metallic powders based on bronze alloys for additive manufacturing by Binder Jetting of components operating under seawater.
  • Define processing and post-processing parameters to obtain components with good dimensional accuracy and high mechanical and corrosion resistance.
  • Validate results through prototype manufacturing

Our function:

Ceit’s activities in NARVAL are based on its sound expertise in powder metallurgy, and consist on:

  • Design and production of metallic powders with composition and physical and rheological properties adequate for Binder Jetting.
  • Identification of the sintering and postprocessing parameters