Positioning and navigation

Bullet Safer and more efficient mobility and transport

The Positioning and Navigation group aims to locate any vehicle or asset in the world, providing position, navigation and timing (PNT) information. The benefits of applying PNT information to the railway domain range from simple passenger information systems to autonomous driving solutions that avoid human error. In addition to creating a safer and more efficient mode of transport mode, PNT information can be used to enable smart maintenance, asset tracking, signaling system evolution, etc.

Bullet Ad-hoc solutions

Ceit provides ad-hoc development of positioning and navigation solutions. These solutions might be standalone positioning systems or complementary and redundant multi-technology positioning systems to increase resilience. Analyzing tthe objectives of positioning and navigation is the key to finding the most suitable and cost-effective solution for each use case. The multidisciplinary group’s complementary knowledge allows Ceit to offer tailored solutions to cover all user needs.

Bullet Knowledge and expertise

Ceit offers expertise and experience in positioning and navigation technologies (multi-frequency and multiconstellation solutions, augmentation-based solutions [EGNOS/EDAS, RTK, etc.], precise point positioning, fusion algorithms [GNSS, IMU, UWB, etc.], map-matching, mapping and visualization) in the railway domain (signaling, railway dynamics, energy, etc.). Moreover, CEIT has broad experience in collaborating on multidisciplinary projects.