TITLE-Análisis de Datos y Gestión de la Información

Data Analysis and Information Management

Our added value  

We are defined by the domain of two transversal disciplines such as cybersecurity and Big Data. Along with this, collaboration with other Ceit groups allows us to address comprehensive solutions to the needs of our customers.

Our research lines  

Cybersecurity: we want the best system security in all our processes. To do this, we work on:

  • Security in systems from a safety-security perspective.

  • Technical security audits.

  • Cybersecure IoT architectures.

  • Communications and security protocols.

  • Availability of communications through QoS management.

  • Evaluation of cybersecurity in critical infrastructures.

Big Data: massive data analysis for different types of applications allows:

  • Identification of anomalies.

  • Identification of significant parameters in processes.

  • Prediction models.

  • Preventive maintenance.