electronica digital comunicaciones


Our group offers solutions ranging from the design of intelligent electronics and communications components to the development of algorithms and the implementation of microprocessors. The resulting systems include advanced processing features for wired and wireless communication. The electronic and communication system group's research covers the development of embedded systems for all types of industrial applications, transportation, energy, consumer and biomedical electronics.

Research lines

High performance processing platforms
  • Embedded signal and video processing systems v
  • FPGA and ASIC
  • Microcontrollers and DSP
  • Embedded Linux microprocessors (Zynq, ARM, etc.)
  • Signal integrity for high-speed signals
  • Low power consumption
Communications from the physical layer to the network layer
  • Design of integrated and discrete analog circuits (RF and millimeter)
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • WLAN, DVB-T/2, UWB, RFID, mmW
  • Communication protocols (ad-hoc, Lora, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc.)
Ad-hoc smart components
  • Miniaturization for energy-saving and low-cost ad-hoc design
  • Systems integration
  • PCB design
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing and assessment
  • Material reliability studies (MTBF)
Wireless sensor networks
  • Design of wireless sensor networks
  • Ad-hoc sensor nodes
  • Sensor network gateways
  • Energy harvesting
Positioning systems
  • Indoor positioning (IR-UWB, CSS)
  • Outdoor positioning (GNSS, DGNSS, SBAS, RTK)
  • Integrated positioning


The group has the modern equipment it needs to meet its goals:

  • Electronics design laboratories with advanced IC design software.
  • Laboratory for on-wafer measurement up to 110 GHz.
  • Rapid prototyping platforms for microprocessor, DSP and FPGA based systems.
  • Vötsch Industrietechnik VT4011 temperature test chamber
  • Electromagnetic compatibility conducted emissions and immunity testing laboratory for CE mark certification and other standard certification.
  • Aptix MP3C System Explorer (Reconfigurable System Prototyping)
  • Streamtel DVBT-M7900 DTT Modulator
  • Labsat 3 GPS simulator
  • Emlid Reach RTK
  • RF, microwave and millimeter instrumentation up to 50 GHz:
    • Agilent 16700B Logic Analysis System
    • Agilent 54832B Infinium 1GHz 4GS/s Digital Oscilloscope
    • Agilent E8408A C-Size VXI Mainframe, 4-Slot
    • Agilent E1439A - 95 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP, Memory and 70MHz IF input
    • Agilent 89605A RF Input Module
    • Agilent E4440A 3Hz-26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
    • Rohde&Schwarz AMIQ I/Q Modulation Generator
    • Rohde&Schwarz SMIQ 03B 300 KHz-3.3 GHz Signal Generators
    • Agilent 8360B series swept signal generator E83650B (10MHz – 50GHz)
    • HP synthesizer/function generator 3325B
    • Agilent PSA series spectrum analyser E4448A (3Hz – 50GHz)
    • Agilent PNA network series analyser E8364B (10MHz – 50GHz)
    • SOLARTRON SI 1260 Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer