TITLE-Sistemas electrónicos y comunicaciones

Electronic Systems and Communications

Electrónica digital comunicaciones

Our added value  

The research we carry out covers the development of embedded systems for all types of industrial, transportation, energy, consumer electronics and biomedical applications. We work in wired or wireless communications with solutions that range from the design of intelligent electronic components and communication to the development of algorithms or the implementation of microprocessors.

Our research lines  

High-performance processing platforms

  • Embedded systems for signal and video processing.

  • FPGA and ASIC.

  • Microcontrollers and DSP.

  • Embedded Linux microprocessors (Zynq, ARM, etc).

  • Signal integrity for high speed signals.

  • Low power consumption.

Communications from the physical layer to the network layer

  • Highly integrated multi-standard transceiver design.

  • Design of Integrated and Discrete Analog Circuits (RF and Millimeter).

  • Wired and wireless connectivity.

  • WLAN, DVB-T/2, UWB, RFID, mmW.

  • Communication protocols (ad-hoc, Lora, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc).

Smart ad-hoc components

  • Miniaturization for low-power, low-cost ad-hoc designs.

  • System integration.

  • PCB design.

  • Testing and advice on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

  • Material reliability analysis (MTBF).

Wireless sensor networks

  • Design of wireless sensor networks.

  • Ad-hoc sensor nodes.

  • Gateway to the sensor network.

  • Energy Harvesting.

Positioning systems

  • Indoor positioning (IR-UWB, CSS).

  • Outdoor positioning (GNSS, DGNSS, SBAS, RTK).

  • Comprehensive positioning.