Materials and Manufacturing


From atomization to the smart Factory

Our researchers offer comprehensive solutions that range from obtaining the most suitable metal powder for each need to the most advanced applications that Industry 4.0 incorporates: robotics, augmented vision, IoT, 3D printing…



We offer answers through:

Thermomechanical Processing

A long history of offering the best support to companies in the steel sector supports us. Our researchers carry out projects aimed at expanding knowledge, promoting technical advances and process improvements that contribute to obtaining more advanced products in a more sustainable way.

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Advanced Powder Metallurgy and Laser Manufacturing

More than 30 researchers offer solutions oriented to the complete manufacturing process, which includes, the development of new materials from metallic or ceramic powders to additive manufacturing and the use of lasers for this process.

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Mechanical Design and Assessment

A "tailored suit" made by expert researchers in mechanics, materials engineering and computing.

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Intelligent Systems for Industry 4.0

Multidisciplinary researchers to develop the factory of the future. Our staff, with extensive experience in both ICT technologies and Materials and Manufacturing, develop solutions based on monitoring systems in industrial applications.

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