TITLE-Transporte y movilidad sostenible

Sustainable Transportation and Mobility

Transporte y movilidad sostenible

Our added value  

It focuses on the development of systems that improve mobility by road and within cities, its strategy being aligned with the global agenda on sustainable mobility. We are also experts in cooperative systems that allow the communication of information between vehicles and their infrastructure, and we innovate in projects with transport or energy companies.

Our research lines  

Intelligent Transportation Systems

We work on the development of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) solutions applied to the road environment. Road monitoring and the development of cooperative systems are key aspects before the advent of cooperative fully autonomous driving systems.

  • Road tracking.

  • In-Vehicle comunications.

  • V2X communications.

  • OBU development.

  • HMI development.

  • Information management and analysis.

Monitoring in transport and energy

  • Equipment for the analysis and development of CAN communications.

  • Equipment for the development and analysis of FMS communications.

  • Equipment for the development of embedded systems.

  • 112 system emulator for eCall call testing.

  • Cross-platform application development software.


  • C-Mobile: Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe.

  • TPM: Desarrollo de un sistema para el Modelado y Ejecución Asistida de Procesos de Gestión de la Movilidad.

  • Design & Implementation of a Safety-Critical Balise Transmission Module (BTM) for a Railway Signaling System Based on ERTMS

  • FIMST: Framework for the verification of Safety critical SW design with fault injection and automatic testing

  • EATS: ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System.

  • ECUC: Compatibilidad del freno de las corrientes de Eddy.

  • TREND: Test of Rolling Stock Electromagnetic Compatibility for cross-Domain Interoperability.

  • ERSAT-EAV: ERTMS on SATELLITE – Enabling Application Validation.

  • X2RAIL-1: Start-up activities for Advanced Signalling and Automation Systems.

  • X2RAIL-2: Enhancing railway signalling systems based on train satellite positioning, on-board safe train integrity, formal methods approach and standard interfaces, enhancing Traffic Management System functions.

  • FR8RAIL: Development of Functional Requirements for Sustainable and Attractive European Rail Freight.

  • FR8HUB: Real time information applications and energy efficient solutions for rail freight.

  • AIOSAT: Autonomous Indoor Outdoor SAfety Tracking system.