Water and Waste

Agua industrial

Our added value  

We investigate the development and optimization of advanced technologies for the treatment and recovery of wastewater compounds and organic waste, all from a circular economy vision, using laboratory and industrial scale experimentation as tools, as well as simulation through mathematical models.

Our results are applied in industrial sectors (agri-food, paper, oil & gas, pharmaceutical-sanitary) and in urban areas (wastewater and solid waste).

Our research lines  

We combine experimental work with simulation through mathematical models of the studied processes, offering extensive experience in aspects such as:

  • Recovery of compounds in wastewater and waste. Recovery solutions for added value compounds (fatty acids, nutrients ...), CO2 capture by microalgae, etc.

  • Treatment of emerging pollutants in water and waste. Development of technological solutions to measure and eliminate emerging compounds in water, sludge and waste via physical-chemical processes (filtration through membranes, catalytic ozonation, Fenton, UV) and biological (enzymatic techniques).

  • Water network simulators in industry. Mathematical modeling and simulation for diagnosis and optimization of water circuits in the industry that addresses process water and waste water.

  • Advanced biological wastewater treatment: DN, SBR, MBR, biofilm, PN / Anammox systems.

  • Biological treatment of sewage sludge and urban solid waste: biomethanization (wet and dry), ATAD, composting.

  • Development of comprehensive WWTP simulators and conducting consulting studies. Plant status diagnosis, design and operation, optimization, incorporation of controllers.