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Development and optimization of advanced technologies for the treatment and resource recovery of wastewater and organic waste from a circular economy point-of-view, by means of lab- to industrial-scale experimentation, mathematical modelling and simulation tools. Activity is applied to industrial sector (agrofood, paste&paper, oil&gas, pharmaceutical&sanitary) and urban sector (sewage water and solid waste).

Research lines

The group's R&D activities combine experimental work at all levels with simulation, using mathematical models of the processes under study. This allows us to use our broad experience in numerous aspects:

  • Recovery of compounds from wastewater and sewage. Solutions for recovering value added compounds (fatty acids, nutrients, etc.) and capturing CO2 via micro-algae, etc.
  • Treatment of emerging contaminants in wastewater. Development of technological solutions for measuring and eliminating emerging contaminants from wastewater, sludge and sewage that use both physical-chemical (membrane filtration, catalytic ozonation, Fenton, UV) and biological processes (enzymatic techniques).
  • Water network simulators for industry. Mathematical modeling and simulation for diagnosing and optimizing industrial water flows related to process water and wastewater.
  • Advanced biological treatment of wastewater using various systems: DN, SRB, MBR, biofilm, PN/Anammox.
  • Biological treatment of sewage sludge and municipal solid waste: biomethanization (dry and wet), ATAD, composting.
  • Development of complete WWTP simulators and consultancy studies. Diagnosis of plant status, design and operation, optimization and controller installation.


The Water and Health Division that the group belongs to has a fully equipped analytical laboratory, a biotechnology laboratory and a pilot plant laboratory that has the following equipment:

  • HP-6890 chromatograph (GC-TCD)
  • Agilent 6890 N chromatograph (GC-FID)
  • Thermo Scientific Helios UV-visible spectrophotometer
  • Merck Nova 60 photometer
  • Soxhlet Buchi B-811 extraction unit
  • Selecta Meditronic BL-S and Centromix S-549 centrifuges
  • Telstar laminar flow cabinet
  • Raypa AES-75 autoclave
  • Equipment for biochemical methane potential (BMP) testing
  • Equipment for OUR, NUR, AUR and micro-algae batch testing
  • Pilot scale automated anaerobic fermenter (50 l)
  • Pilot scale dry anaerobic digestion reactor (300 l)
  • Pilot scale struvite precipitation reactor (100 l)
  • Rotating drum composting pilot plant (2 x 150 l)
  • SBR-IFAS pilot plant (50 l)
  • Equipment for testing aeration systems (diffuser transfer, off-gas analysis)

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