Development of a system for Modeling and Assisted Execution of Mobility Management Processes 

Financed by:

Ministerio de economía y competitividad

File reference number: 06-000005f

Program: National / Retos Colaboración


  • TEKIA INGENIEROS (Coordinador)

  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


TPM will model the mobility management processes carried out by the experts, making it possible to capture their experience with a specific language that enables the creation of dynamic response plans that adapt to the circumstances of mobility when they have to be executed. , as well as a way of executing said plans by non-expert personnel, and a way of evaluating the results and improving them.

The general objective of the TPM project is to design a technology for the development of tools that are consolidated as fundamental to support decision-making for mobility management on Smart City / Smart Mobility platforms.

The consortium formed for the development of TPM is led by the company TEKIA INGENIEROS, an engineering specialist in Smart Mobility environments that has a catalog of security systems in urban environments and a provider of services and software solutions for the industry. In addition, it has the collaboration of two Research organizations, the Ceit-IK4 Technology Center, which provides high levels of knowledge and experience in the design of Intelligent Transportation Systems solutions, and the Rey Juan Carlos University, which has enormous knowledge advanced in the development of simulation algorithms and HMI user interfaces.

Ceit's role in the project

The technical management of the project that governs the technical effort made to achieve the system requirements from the analysis of scenarios and user requirements, and transform those requirements into a system solution.

On the other hand, he is in charge of analyzing and describing the results analysis processes (de-briefing) after applying action plans in response to incidents, aimed at improving said plans.

Also involved in the functional specification of the tool for creating operational plans and procedures aimed at managing mobility based on the specified notation (TPM Editor)And like the other members of the consortium, it also participates in the review of the suitability of the selected tools, after testing with the TPM model implemented.



Alfonso Brazález

Alfonso Brazalez