Robust light structuring techniques for application in industrial environments

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File number: RTC2019-007113-3 

Call: Retos Colaboración 2019


  • Fagor Automation

  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid

  • Ceit


The project "Robust light structuring techniques for application in industrial environments" TELURO-AEI has the general objective of implementing, in industrial applications, robust and efficient light structuring processes, based on the recording on optical materials of nanometric structures by laser femtoseconds, in diffractive optical elements.


  • Implement beam shaping in femtosecond laser systems, engrave structures on optical elements, potentially usable in optical position encoders, as well as in numerous other applications.

  • Design of robust and dynamic structuring techniques for femto-second lasers.

  • Development of recording processes with structured light in femtosecond lasers on optical substrates.

  • Industrial application of robust structuring on transparent substrates.

  • Study of the economic impact of the project to guarantee the effective exploitation of the results obtained and their commercial viability.