The combined budget for the two projects is over seven million euros

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Ceit, a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance, has been named a Cervera Center for Excellence in Technology, after receiving two of the seven public grants that CDTI conferred to strategic research programs in the Cervera Network at the end of 2019. Both projects fall in the area of Smart Manufacturing.

The first of the two projects is being led by Ceit and carried out in collaboration with the Lortek, Catec and Aidimme research centers. Its aim is to launch a strategic program of training for excellence in additive manufacturing and metal materials. This project, known as CEFAM, has been launched in a bid to create a Network for Excellence in Additive Manufacturing and is based on two pillars: internationally recognized knowledge and a market orientation that allows the network to act as a driving force in Spain's industrial production base.

The second project, MIRAGED, groups together the Ceit, Ikerlan, CTC and Idonial technology centers with the aim of advancing their strategic position in excellence in modeling systems, the simulation and prediction of machine behavior, and manufacturing processes. The digital twins that will be developed will be applied to manufacturing processes as well as to the behavior of in service components in order to improve their design and subsequent optimization. This will ultimately lead to increased reliability, reduced costs and improved industrial operation.

The combined budget for the two projects is over seven million euros.