Through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications

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Researchers from Ceit-IK4 are working on the Varmat project, which seeks to improve safety and reduce fatal accidents when high voltage electrical operations are performed on wind energy converters up to 38kV. An error during this type of operation can lead to the death of the worker as well as cause delays in supplying energy, imposing human and economic cost for energy generating companies.

The Varmat project, developed by the Vision and Robotics group at Ceit-IK4, is putting together a system that unequivocally identifies the wind turbine type and then offers the operator the chance to visualize an operation before performing it. This project also aims to reduce the time needed to perform operations by 20%, making them safer and considerably reducing the occurrence of incidents.

At the same time, the Ceit-IK4 researchers are building a simulator that uses virtual reality to simulate operations, making operator training more efficient. They are also developing an augmented reality tool that will guide operators during the actual performance of an operation by requesting instructions from a database, visualizing the operation by contextualizing it in the real image, notifying operators if an incorrect move has been made, and communicating with the control center when coverage is available.

This project will increase safety and occupational health in a highly dangerous sector.