Ceit-IK4 collaborates with Basque research centers and universities in a program that tightens up the cyber security of interconnected industrial systems


Basque researchers are collaborating on the Cyberprest program, which seeks to prevent attacks and protect the business of companies in the Basque Country. Aware that Industry 4.0 requires increased interconnectivity between the industrial systems of different companies and that this brings an increased risk of attacks and threats, Basque technology centers Ceit, Ikerlan, Tecnalia and Vicomtech are addressing the issue in collaboration with the Basque universities Tecnun, UPV/EHU, Mondragon University and BCAM (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics).

Cyberprest seeks to generate cyber security knowledge that will help prevent attacks and protect the business of Basque companies, and thus guaranteeing the competitiveness and excellence of the agents in the Basque Research Network with regard to cutting-edge cyber security technologies. This project will complement the strategy employed by the Basque Cybersecurity Center through the distributed laboratory that several project members participate in.

Within Cyberprest, Ceit-IK4 has continued to study the issue of cyber security of IoT technologies. As part of their work, they undertook an exhaustive study of more than 1,000 vulnerabilities associated with 21 IoT technologies/protocols in order to analyze the impact of these vulnerabilities in distinct environments: the more traditional IT environment, and the OT industrial environment. Additionally, Ceit-IK4 is working on the development of secure and efficient IoT applications in blockchain, and they are also being applied in the context of industrial projects in the field of waste management.