Researchers at Ceit-IK4 are working on a project that will convert municipal solid waste and sewage sludge into a compound that can be used in cosmetics, food and bioplastics


The Water and Waste group at Ceit-IK4 is working on two projects that are funded by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and share a common goal: advancing the region's sustainability plan and adopting solutions that are in line with the circular economy.

The first of these projects is called Proazetik, where researchers are pursuing an innovative solution for treating the organic matter in municipal solid waste and sewage sludge. The objective is to convert both these waste types into acetic acid and other assimilable bio-based products by processing the waste in a type of biorefinery, which uses biological fermentation to concentrate the acetic acid. The recovered acetic acid can then be used in the food industry (in preservatives and animal feed) and in the chemical industry (bioplastics, cosmetics, etc.).

This refining and recovery process, which aligns with the European Union's Circular Economy Package, is being used for the first time in the Gipuzkoa.