The Basque technology center will collaborate with a military academy, an engineering consultancy in Seville specialized in communications, firefighter training centers, and research centers in Holland and Belgium


The numbers speak for themselves: annually in Europe there are over two and a half million fires, with 558 fatalities per million inhabitants and about 500,000 people injured. Firefighters and rescue teams would like to move beyond the technology that is currently in use.
Satellite-based positioning is used when fighting fires, but GPS is not reliable in situations where smoke is thick, fires are in dense forests or on rough terrain, or when positioning fails when firefighters are inside burning buildings.

These hazards are behind the launch of the European project called AIOSAT (Autonomous Indoor Outdoor Safety Tracking System), which aims to overcome the limits of GPS in rescue operations by means of an advanced positioning system that has a tracking and alert application, thus improving reliability in positioning and, ultimately, firefighting efforts.

The project, which held its kick-off meeting on December 11, will run for 30 months and has a budget of just over two million euros. Ceit-IK4's project partners include world class organizations that are highly experienced in research related to the technologies used in firefighting, a university-level military academy, and two SMEs that will be responsible for exploiting the project results as subsystem, software and service provider integrators.