The biennial technology fair begins on May 28 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre


The Ceit-IK4 Technology Center will be at the 30th edition of the Biennial Machine Tool trade fair to present an integrated technology that reflects their strength in the additive manufacturing process, ranging from materials to the integration of ICTs in those same materials. This expertise allows Ceit-IK4 to offer an integrated product that meets the needs of discerning clients.

Visitors to Ceit-IK4's stand will experience firsthand the technology on offer, which features the following elements:

  • A multivariate on-line quality control system that can automatically inspect a component. The use of a data management allows the system to check the traceability of the component as well as detect faults in the manufacturing process.
  • A wear control system originally developed for the paper industry that measures and manages wear in components.
  • Additive manufacturing. Ceit-IK4 has ample experience in the entire additive manufacturing value chain, which allows them to offer precise solutions that meet clients' needs.
  • Augmented Reality. Ceit-IK4 will demonstrate the solutions that this technology provides in operations related to plant control, maintenance and training.
  • Virtual reality. The demo of the SIMFAL project will showcase how the use of VR makes it possible to modify manufacturing environments quickly and dynamically, which in turn allows plants to reduce manufacturing time and optimize flexibility in manufacturing.