The player from Bilbao’s Athletic is recovering from a double nose fracture

 Yeray Álvarez máscara  Imagen: Mundo Deportivo

Engineers at Ceit-IK4 have developed an innovative protective face mask that is making it possible for Yeray Álvarez to continue training alongside his teammates.

Members of Bilbao Athletic Club’s medical team accompanied Yeray Álvarez to San Sebastián, where the design phase took place. Luis Matey and Aitor Cazón, professors and researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Design Group, scanned Álvarez’s facial features with a 3D scanner, which gave them a virtual geometry that served as the base for their design of the personalized face mask. Using computer software developed by the researchers for this type of 3D modeling, a model that followed the player’s specifications was created on screen. The modeling process took two hours, and by the end of Wednesday afternoon, the mask was ready for manufacture.

The mask was manufactured at Pixel Sistemas’s facilities in Elgoibar using 3D printing technology. The material chosen is called ULTEM 1010, a NASA-certified thermoplastic that is extremely resistant and is used in aerospace applications and in the automotive sector. After nearly 5 hours of printing, the mask was ready.

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