CEIT-IK4 presents a very relevant expertise in the development and calibration of customised non destructive testing systems based on electromagnetic techniques. The previously mentioned offer is briefly described in the following points:

Railway testing

  • In-service inspection of fatigue defects due to rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in rails.
  • Surface and subsurface crack detection.
  • Stress level estimation.
  • Head checking, indentures, wheel burns, grinding marks.
  • Grinding burns, control of surface integrity.

    (e.g. gears, ball screws, bearings, camshafts, crankshafts)


  • Nondestructive

    Development and calibration of customized sensors and customized electronic

    Magnetic Barkhausen Noise measurements or BNA analysis

    Magnetic flux leakage measurements

    Eddy current measurements: HOCKING Vector 2d with various test probes and Impedance analyzers (FLUKE, HIOKI)

  • Destructive

    Microstructural characterisation: Optical and electronic microscopy : FEG-SEM, EBSD, STEM, FIB

    Mechanical test at local scale

    Micro and nanohardness

    X-ray diffraction: Residual stresses