CEIT has more than 15 years of experience in analog front-end design, both fully integrated circuits and employing discrete components. Some of the most relevant previous development are summarized in the following lines:

  • A Safety-critical transceiver for signaling applications in the railway industry
  • Design of a E-band transceiver in SiGe for high data rate backhaul applications
  • PA (Power Amplifier) output power control for the SL35 Siemens Mobile Phone
  • Design and test of DAB-RF blocks and PLL Design for a 3G System (3.8GHz) – HITACHI Microsystems Europe
  • 10 GHz VCO Design for a clock and data recovery circuit, and SONET Transmitter – Xignal Technologies (Munich)
  • Low cost and highly integrated tuners for CATV and broadband applications.
  • Low power GPS and GALILEO RF Front-End
  • LF RFID for animal identification
  • Fully-passive sensors for long-range UHF RFID applications
  • EPC G2 compliant long range passive RFID tag
  • Semi-passive RTLS tag for localization and tracking
  • Fully integrated power amplifier for IEEE 802.11a WLAN