Logo Tecnun - Universidad de Navarra

The Engineering School of the University of Navarra (Tecnun) pushed for the creation of Ceit-IK4 and the dream was realised in 1982.

Since then Ceit-IK4 and Tecnun have maintained a close collaboration based on two fundamental principals:

  • The majority of researchers from Ceit-IK4 teach courses as professors and have affiliations to both organisations Ceit-IK4/Tecnun.
  • Numerous Tecnun doctorate students carry out their research projects in Ceit-IK4 under the supervision of Ceit-IK4 researchers.

Ceit-IK4 considers the TECNUN collaboration to be a key element in ensuring the sustainability of technology transfer to companies.

Logo Ik4 Research Alliance

Ceit-IK4 is one of the founding members of the IK4 Research Alliance. Founded in 2004, the alliance brings together many different technological centres with a clear stated objective; it aims to form strategic collaborative lines of excellence in research.

The IK4 Alliance has its own organisational structure. It is responsible for the coordination of scientific and technological partnerships and drives the alliance to meets its goals as set out in its strategic plan. Ceit-IK4 represents the IK4 partnership in its dealings with public bodies.

IK4 Alliance has 6 members from the Basque Country: Ceit, Cidetec, Ideko, Ikerlan, Tekniker and Vicomtech.

Logo CIC microGUNE

CIC microGUNE is a Cooperative Research Centre in Microsystems established under the umbrella of the Basque Government.

At present CIC microGUNE is made up of 8 institutions: Ceit-IK4, Ikerlan , Tekniker, University of Navarra (Tecnun), University of Mondragon (Goi Eskola Politeknikoa); a group of companies (Mondragon); and 2 Public Administrations (Gobierno Vasco & Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa).

CIC microGUNE has 3 clean rooms with one based at Ceit-IK4 specifically designed to develop micro sensors based on micro/nanotechnologies. CIC microGUNE develop collaborative projects in the areas of: 1) Electrochemical and immunomagnetic detection for biological species, 2) Metal and Polimer Micro and Nanostructuration, 3) Microfluidics, 4) Organic Microoptoelectronics, 5) Nanostructured material for gas detection and 6) Integration of micro/nanosystems. 

Logo EBA - European Bioengineering Alliance

The European Bioengineering Alliance (EBA) is an alliance promoted by Ceit-IK4. The EBA has enjoyed the complete support of Ceit-IK4 since its inception in 2006. The partnership aims to improve European cooperation in the Bioengineering field with a special focus on improving conditions for the elderly and to create change in the healthcare industry.

The EBA actively promotes research for partners and the creation of research consortiums within the European Union Frame Program.

Logo Innobasque

Ceit-IK4 is member of Innobasque (Basque Agency for Innovation). It is a private association with strong public support. It was created to coordinate and stimulate innovation in the Basque Country, and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Ikerbasque, the Basque Science Foundation fostered by the government works to reinforce the local system of science by attracting researchers with international experience.


Ceit-IK4 collaborates with the Cluster of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, created by Fomento de San Sebastián in late 2008. The Cluster has two main objective: the economic development of the city and the improvement of the life quality for its citizens. The Cluster is a meeting point between companies, technology centers, training centers, associations, financial institutions and sectorial institutions.


Ceit-IK4 collaborates with the “Clínica Universidad de Navarra” in R&D + Innovation projects. Researchers, physicians and scientists from multiple biomedical and technological disciplines collaborate through the center of Biomedical Engineering.


Biodonostia, a national and international reference center in health research, based in Donostia-San Sebastián, maximizes translational research. Commitment to innovation in medical and health technologies reverts in an improvement of healthcare. At the same time, the center generates wealth for the country as inventions turn into products. Ceit-IK4 collaborates with Biodonostia and “Hospital Universitario Donostia” through Biomedical Engineering projects developed as a package.