Improving structural steels for nuclear fusion reactors



The goal of this study, which is part of the “Advanced Steels” work package within the EUROfusion The goal of this study, which is part of the “Advanced Steels” work package within the EUROfusion European project, is to demonstrate the viability of a simplified process for producing oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steels (ODS-FS).

This process consists of atomizing ferritic steel powders that contain oxide-forming elements, followed by encapsulation and hot isostatic pressing (HIP). This method prevents the mechanical alloying step prior to encapsulation and HIP, a stage traditionally used to introduce strengthening oxides (usually Y2O3).

This alternative route can reduce production costs and powder contamination and improve the process's reproducibility.


CEIT-IK4's role

  • All the stages of the process (atomization, mechanical alloying, encapsulation and hot isostatic pressing (HIP)) will be optimized on a laboratory scale by CEIT, and the stages will then be implemented by the companies involved in the project. Having access to these companies’ industrial facilities will make it possible to adjust the process parameters and attain a tailor-made product.
  • CEIT will produce the first batches of laboratory-scale ODS-FS in order to adjust the manufacturing conditions for the entire process. Furthermore, CEIT will carry out the thermomechanical treatments with an in-plane compression setup that simulates the hot rolling process.



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