Custom integrated circuit design

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Diseño de circuitos integrados ASIC

We design and develop RF analogue, mixed-signal and digital integrated circuits and systems for wireless communications applications up to 86GHz. Close collaboration with the Antennas Group allows us to customize complete low-cost system solutions with a very low form factor for cutting-edge medical applications, high speed communications and imaging, wireless identification and process monitoring.

We develop solutions that range from IC development and prototype assembly to small batch design or large quantity design for mass production. We also offer our expertise for feasibility studies, technology consulting and support at production start. Our services cover a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Complete integrated transceivers for wireless communications (both RF/analog front-end and mixed-signal/digital back-end)

  • Digital baseband processors

  • High data rate wireless communication links for backhaul applications

  • Custom RF & analogue circuit design and characterization (on-wafer and on PCB)

  • Intellectual property digital cores

  • Complete solutions for active/passive RF identification systems (RFID)

  • Real-time location systems

  • Low-power batteryless integrated sensors and wireless sensor networks

  • Ultra low-power ICs for energy management and micro-power harvesting

  • RF passive component modeling and characterization (inductor, varactor, ESD devices)

Diseño de circuitos integrados ASIC

Our designs are based on state-of-the-art silicon technologies such as CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGe. We have experience with the following technologies:

  • 0.8um BiCMOS (AMS)

  • 0.35um BiCMOS SOI (Hitachi)

  • 0.35um SiGe (AMS)

  • 0.35um CMOS (XFAB)

  • 0.18um CMOS (Seiko-Epson)

  • 65nm, 90nm & 0.18um CMOS (UMC)

  • 65nm, 90nm & 0.13um CMOS (TSMC)

  • 55nm BiCMOS (ST)