Antenna design

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diseño de antenas

Ceit has broad experience in antenna design and characterization. Our group’s mission is geared towards providing customized antennas for cutting-edge medical applications, high speed communications and imaging, wireless identification and process monitoring. The range of our antenna design includes:

  • Ultrawideband (3.1 GHz-10.6 GHz; larger than 1:37 bandwidths) for high speed communication and radar (-41.3 dBm/MHz, power spectral density)

  • RFID UHF (868 MHz) for identification and wireless sensors (35 dBm EIRP)

  • ISM 13.56 MHz for near field communications (20 dBm EIRP)

  • Med Radio (401- 406 MHz) for intelligent implants (-16 dBm EIRP)

  • BTM&LTM antenna (4,2 MHz -13,5MHz- 27MHz) for on-board ERTMS/ETCS (50 W transmitted power)