Digital signal processing

Bullet Description

Ceit has extensive experience in the design of digital signal processing systems applied to wireless communications. Our approach covers conceptual system design, simulation, performance estimation, hardware–software partitioning and implementation.

Digital signal processing algorithms

  • Single carrier modulation/demodulation techniques

  • OFDM modulation/demodulation techniques

  • Frequency and time synchronization algorithms

  • Equalization techniques

  • Indoor localization techniques: beam forming, ranging algorithms and positioning algorithms

  • Data fusion algorithms

  • Adaptive filtering for echo and noise cancellation

Bullet System level design methodologies for digital baseband development

  • Electronic system level

    • Matlab/Simulink

    • SystemC

    • System Generator (Matlab + Xilinx)

  • IP development for digital baseband building blocks

    • FFT / IFFT

    • FIR filters

    • Viterbi decoder

    • CORDIC 

    • Cubic interpolator

Bullet Communication system implementation

  • PCB design

    • Ultra broadband impulse based badio transmitter (IR-UWB)

  • Communication systems based on FPGA/ASIC 

    • E-band transceiver for high-speed access return network data (10 Gbps) applications 

    • RFID sensors and measurement

    • Digital baseband transceiver for UWB using octagon band frequency division multiplexing

    • Digital baseband transceiver for WLAN 802.11a

    • Digital baseband transmitter for digital video broadcast (DVB-T and DVB-T2)

    • Digital satellite radio receiver for digital radio mondiale, or DRM

    • Echo cancellation in fillers for DVB-T

  • Microprocessor-based communication system

    • Echo cancellation in audio systems (analog DSP devices)

    • Low power digital baseband transceiver for remotely operated cranes (MSP430/ARM)

    • Data diffusion techniques for operation within a wireless sensor network (ARM/FPGA)