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Production and characterization of piezoelectric sensors for checking bolt looseness in wind turbinesNerea Burgos, Mikel Azcona
Sensing lathe temperature and RPM and building a graphical display appAinhoa Cortes, Mikel Azcona
Monitoring water consumption via a low cost external system Javier Santos, Ainhoa Cortes
Implementation and testing of a network of wireless sensors based on Sigfox technology Paul Bustamante
Development of artificial vision algorithms for 2D metrology in stamping processes using the Halcon libraryIker Aguinaga
Sensorization of injection molds for plastic partsAitor Cazón
Detecting container fill-level via ultrasonic sensor networksPaul Bustamante
Design of a monitoring system that displays lathe temperature on a mobile deviceAinhoa Cortes
Industrial monitoring of part and machinery logistics in an industrial plantLeticia Zamora
Robotic handling of objects based on artificial vision (bin picking)Iker Aguinaga
2D inspection of critical parameters in PM partsDiego Borro
Programming haptic algorithms in ArduinoJorge Juan Gil
Proof of concept for integrating a CAD-CAM system into a Kuka KRC4 controllerEmilio Sánchez
Analysis, handling and display of big data on bicycle mobilityAlfonso Brazalez
Prediction of fatigue life in aeronautical componentsJosé Manuel Martínez Esnaola
Inspection of rubber partsDiego Borro
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