Strategic positioning in virtual models and digital twins for an industry 4.0

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File number: CER-20190001

Call: Accreditation and granting of aid for “Cervera” Technology Centers of Excellence


  • Ikerlan

  • Ceit

  • CTC-Centro Tecnológico de Componentes

  • Ideko

  • Idonial


The general objective of the project is to improve the training of the research groups of the technological centers involved in modeling systems, simulation and prediction of the behavior of machines and manufacturing processes, with the development of virtual models and digital twins that allow their design and further optimization.

Ceit's role in the project

MIRAGED is a strategic project for Ceit, with which it pursues the general objective of developing multidisciplinary tools and methodologies that promote the radical improvement of the centre's offer to the business sector in the field of hot forming and heat treatment processes, under the optics of industry 4.0. Such improvement cannot be made based on incremental developments, but needs a paradigm shift based on the application of a combination of new technologies and their integration.

Ceit has received a grant from the AYUDAS CERVERA PARA CENTROS TECNOLÓGICOS 2019 Call managed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) under the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the file number CER-20190001, corresponding to the project entitled" POSITIONING STRATEGIC IN VIRTUAL MODELS AND DIGITAL TWINS FOR AN INDUSTRY 4.0 - MIRAGED ”. This Center is certified as CERVERA CENTER OF EXCELLENCE.



Isabel Gutiérrez

Isabel Gutiérrez

Email: igutierrez@ceit.es