Virtual reality-based and augmented system for assistance in high voltage electrical maneuvers

Financed by:

FunderProgram: RETOS COLABORACION 2017

File number: RTC-2017-6550-3


  • Ceit

  • Tesicnor


The VARMAT project will develop new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, assisted reality and RFID, to generate a system that unequivocally identifies the installation and in turn offers the operator the possibility of visualizing the maneuver before carrying it out, providing technical assistance in various shapes:

  • Possibility of simulating the maneuver in advance in a VR simulator with two objectives: training for students and automatic learning of the system when it is being used by experts. This learning will allow the simulator to generate the necessary information to recognize the real environment in the AR tool.

  • Possibility of requesting information on procedures and instructions from the database, receiving information in audio and video.

  • Possibility of displaying contextualized maneuver information in the real image using augmented reality techniques.

  • Automatic detection of the steps performed by the operator to continue the procedure or notify the operator that an incorrect maneuver has been performed.

  • Possibility of communicating with the control center (in cases where there is communication coverage in the facility).

    The system will confirm indicating to the operator that the device on which it is going to act is correct, as well as the sequence to be performed. In addition, it will make a record of the sequences followed, through photographs and videos.

Ceit's role in the project

Ceit participates in Varmat through its Vision and Robotics group, as a great expert in the development of activities in the fields of computer graphics, augmented reality, computer vision, having become one of the most internationally renowned groups. Will lead work packages related to VR simulator and RA tool.