txt sistemas de transporte inteligente

Intelligent Transport Systems

Bullet Description

Development of systems that improve mobility on highways and in cities, and our strategy is aligned with the research agenda of the entities that lead the global trends in this field.

In addition to developing cooperative systems that allow critical information to be communicated between vehicles and infrastructures, the Transportation and Sustainable Mobility group carries out research projects with transport (highway and rail) and energy companies (system and environmental status monitoring), among others.

Our projects are geared toward generating knowledge, making technical advances and developing systems that help deal with current problems or build more advanced products that meet customer needs.

Bullet Research lines

Research activity is focused on the roadmap envisioned for the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions for the highway of the future. Highway sensor systems and the development of cooperative systems are key aspects in laying the groundwork for the arrival of fully autonomous cooperative driving systems. To that end, the group works on communications both inside and outside the vehicle and on road monitoring as part of the development of on-board systems and their interaction interfaces. In addition, there is a line dedicated to working with mobility data for buses, cars and bicycles.

  • Road monitoring

  • In-Vehicle comunications

  • V2X communications

  • OBU development

  • HMI development

  • Information management and analysis

Monitoring in Transportation And energy

  • Equipment for analyzing and developing CAN communications

  • Equipment for analyzing and developing FMS communications

  • Equipment for the development of embedded systems

  • A 112 emergency assistance emulator for testing eCall calls

  • Software for developing multiplatform applications