txt contaminación emergente

Emerging contaminats

Contaminantes emergentes

Bullet Development of new technologies for their elimination

The study of the fate of emerging pollutants or micro-pollutants in water and the development and application of new technologies for their elimination is crucial for good management of the increasingly scarce water resources that need to satisfy an increasing demand for water, and whose quality it is seriously affected by urban, agricultural and industrial pressure.

One of the main problems of this type of pollutants is that the current wastewater treatment plants do not manage to eliminate them, they are designed to eliminate organic matter and nutrients in higher concentrations.

Bullet Advanced solutions for the elimination of emerging pollutants

Combination of advanced biological processes and physical-chemical processes for the elimination of emerging compounds in urban and industrial wastewater. Development of new materials, for example filter material or catalysts, for the improvement of advanced technologies for the elimination of these contaminants.

Bullet Knowledge and capabilities

  • Experimental laboratory, pilot and pre-industrial studies of individual and combined technologies for the elimination of micro-contaminants.

  • Mathematical modeling and simulation tools for the development, operation and control of microcontaminant elimination processes.

  • Integration of advanced processes in urban and industrial WWTPs.

  • Development of new catalytic materials for application in heterogeneous catalytic processes.

  • Extensive experience in ultrafiltration, microfiltration and nanofiltration processes for wastewater treatment.