txt New materials and manufacturing processes

New materials and manufacturing processes

Bullet Development of steels with improved properties

Ceit has an important activity in the optimization of manufacturing processes for improved steels and superalloys for energy applications:

• Microstructural control for improved material performance under harsh service conditions: high temperature applications, deep/sour oil and gas wells…

• Microstructure / property relationships

• Degradation and failure mechanisms: Aging, oxidation, creep, corrosion,… Cyclic conditions and overlapping of mechanisms: thermomechanical fatigue, creep-fatigue. Temperature gradients and thermal shock, wear, radiation. Mechanical properties.

• Surface treatments (i.e. shot peening). Investigation of surface reactions and mechanisms at high temperature

• Modeling

• Bimetallic bonding and production of components through: thermomechanical processes, hot-pressing, HIP and high vacuum furnaces.

• Hot Isostatic Pressure (HIP) for powder consolidation: atomization, can design and manufacture, HIP, final machining. Alternative to Forging+Machining.

Bullet New materials for diamond tools. Free-sinter technology, hot-press, Co-based powders, commercial pre-alloyed powders, etc.

  • Full powder metallurgy processing of hardmetal (WC-Co) and cermet (TiC, TiCN, TiB2, WB4) tools.

  • Design of metal binders alternative to cobalt.

  • Near Net Shape processing.

  • Thermal treatments.

  • Microstructural analysis and microstructural characterization according to standards.

  • Joining methods: welding, brazing, shrink fitting.

  • Development of tools for metal cutting and hot and cold chipless shaping of metals. 

  • Tribological parts and inserts for wear applications.

  • Failure analysis.

  • Diamond tools for primary and secondary cutting and polishing.

  • Free sintering , hot-press and HIP technologies.

  • Co-based powders and alternative prealloyed powders.

  • Quality of industrial diamonds.

  • Coatings.

  • Application to civil engineering.

Bullet Design of ceramic materials for extreme applications (HARSH environments): combustion, condensing boilers, electric furnaces, etc.