Development of metallurgical bases for numerical simulation of lamination processes based on flexible design  

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Eusko jaurlaritza


Basque Government - Basic Research


The creation of a multifunctional computer system for modeling hot rolling mills, which supports the flexible design of new rolling mill technologies that requires developments at different levels:

  1. Numerical simulation of lamination processes based on the flexible design of lamination technology.

  2. Numerical simulation of the behavior of the implemented material using metallurgical research in AHSS and UHSS grades.

  3. Optimization of lamination technology with respect to the homogeneity and properties of the final product.

  4. Inverse analysis to identify the process and material parameters.

  5. Sensitivity analysis and metamodeling to increase computational efficiency.

  6. Knowledge base to assist in the design of new technologies.

The present proposal focuses on points 2, 3 and 6 and its main objective is to improve the material-based models (metamodels) related to hot rolling and cooling in order to make them extensible to unconventional processing conditions. To do this, simulation tools for hot forming processes will be applied in the laboratory, which, combined with previous models and microstructural characterization, will allow metallurgical research in AHSS and UHSS steel grades. It is also intended to lay the metallurgical foundations for the development of third generation AHSS steels.



Isabel Gutiérrez

Isabel Gutiérrez

Email: igutierrez@ceit.es